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Свойства Conrisa является частью Conrisa группы. Взгляните ниже на некоторые из наших других популярных продуктов и услуг.

Building & Real Estate

Conrisa Properties The Conrisa Group offers building services ranging from smaller paint jobs to complete house renovations including water, draining and electricity.

Security & Surveillance

Conrisa Properties Through our security group we are able to provide complete solutions to aid securing your property against all kinds of damage and loss, inc. proper insurance.

IT & Internet

Conrisa Properties Conrisa has its own IT group which can assist with most "challenges". We're also offering Internet and IP Telephony to both private and commercial clients.

Nordic TV solutions

Conrisa Properties We're happy to announce our new IP TV that gives you 60+ UK channels through Internet for only 35€/month. Finally a proper SKY replacement!

Image & Sound

Conrisa Properties Conrisa has many different solutions available for your image and sound system. If you want it all or just parts we are happy to help you choose.

Buying or Selling?

Conrisa Properties Whether you are selling or buying we're at your disposal. Our well established network generates professionalism and efficiency!