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A great time to buy

We see activity and trends in real time, as they happen. Journalists and commentators on the other hand only report on these trends as information filters through to them, usually between six and twelve months later.

So what’s the current situation?

Well, based on information we have amassed over the last 15 years (enquiries, viewings, sales and prices to name but a few), it appears there is a significant upturn everywhere except with prices. In fact in some cases we see prices as low as they were at the start of the previous decade, and we have recently promoted new-build apartments from developers for less than €100,000 – which is an amazing price offer!

We see prices as low as they were at the start of the previous decade

But it’s not just developers. Vendors keen to sell have dropped their prices often as much as 50% from the peaks of 2006-2007 when the real estate market went into decline for reasons covered elsewhere on our site. (In our view the actual market reached its peak during 2004 and had a long slow slide through to its bottom today.)

Do we think prices will fall further? No… they can’t, for reasons addressed elsewhere, but summed-up by the combined effect of the property market slowdown and the crisis of October 2008 which still drags on.

Is now a great time to buy property on the Costa del Sol?

Well yes, but only for the right person, under the right circumstances – when the property is affordable and the price is right, when it is suitable for purpose and when it represents a clear and simple investment that will bring about growth in equity over the years.

If you would like to know more or hear from us further please email us.

9 tips to help you sell your Spanish home

OK, so some of these points might sound pretty obvious, but if you can tick all these boxes, it will help us to help you sell your property much faster… and that’s a fact.

1. Paperwork
Have all your property-related paperwork available (escritura, copia simple, etc.), plus a set of copies ready for us to take back to the office.

2. Bills paid
Make sure all your bills (utilities, property taxes, community fees, garbage collection, etc.), are paid up to date, and copies of all receipts available for our files.

3. Availability
Be available for viewing appointments. If you really want to sell, then you can’t afford to miss a single opportunity. You can always reschedule a lunch date!

4. Presentation
Showcase your home to maximum advantage. Make sure it’s looking at its best… for each and every viewing.

5. Keys
Don’t shut us out! If you’re going away, please either give us a set of keys or let us know where we can collect them from.

6. A friendly welcome
Put on the kettle, bring out the biscuits and be prepared to sit down for a friendly chat with Conrisa Properties’ prospective buyers.

7. Realistic price
Be realistic and straightforward about the price you’re looking for. Just tell us what you have in mind.

8. Be frank
If there’s any kind of problem with your property, say so. Most problems can be resolved, so please be upfront about it.

9. Refurbishments
If your property’s seen better days, maybe it’s time to consider some home improvements… even if it’s only a lick of paint!

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